Startup Forge Branding

Startup Forge is a small, but mighty company with a simple brand promise: To provide counsel and connections for new startups and established enterprises alike by functioning as a Venture CTO bringing a tempering fire into their operations.

They were looking for branding that would be uniquely memorable, yet feel established.



Startup Forge Branding System

The Primary Logo displays Startup Forge’s hands-on approach to client relations with near magical results. The identity was built with flexibility in mind and can be utilized without text and even as simply the flame monogram.

Startup Forge Branding : Primary Logo

A custom wordmark was developed for the brand to be especially effective in horizontal formats and can be used with or without additional graphic elements.

Startup Forge Branding : Wordmark Logo

A drop cap “f” icon symbolizes the forward-thinking tempered vision that Startup Forge contributes.

Startup Forge Branding : Dropcap Logo

A monogram icon serves as an identity for very small placements and also functions as a hand-wrought pattern to break up visual space when necessary.

Startup Forge Branding : Monogram

Supporting badges and iconography not only highlight brand virtues and attributes, but also provide an easy area in which to further develop the brand’s visual vocabulary over time.

Startup Forge Branding : Badge and Icon