Please allow us to introduce ourselves.
Let's Get Supernatural
We're the branding and design studio for creative problems that need extra-ordinary solutions. Let us explain...

A lot of agencies and studios are founded on being experts in X or specializing in Y, but we do things a little differently around here, because we've created for a lot of industries and like to think that work is pretty good because of the nice things our client partners say about us. So I guess we're experts in the extraordinary and specialize in the spectacular. Sure, there are things we know an awful lot about, like the energy sector, foodservice, restaurants, and even startups. We're also well on our way to becoming experts in the cannabis industry and alcohol and spirits. So don't be shy if you like our approach but don't see work from your market in our portfolio, we'd love to get to know you better and learn more about wherever you come from.

We believe every brand and product deserves a chance to break through the expected and achieve supernatural status. Sound good? Then let's get started.

Our Approach

We kick off every project by getting to know you a little better. We wanna know the why before we ever get to the how. What makes your brand or product click and tick, what makes it different than everything else, who are your biggest fans and also your sworn enemies. This background helps inform the creative output to create something that is remarkably you.


Things We’ve Done and Continue to Do

Core Skills Brand Identity
Creative Direction & Strategy
Advertising Campaigns
Digital Design
Video & Motion Graphics
Environmental Design
Editorial & Layout
Brand Identity Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand & Product Naming
Logo & Identity Systems
Brand Standards & Guides

Packaging Original Design & Line Extension
Brand Application Marketing Collateral & Sales Materials
Merchandise & Swag
Brand Videos
Signage & Wayfinding
Tradeshow, Event, Environment
Point of Purchase Materials
Stationary & Business Systems
Advertising Campaigns

Things We Believe

1. Our allegience should always be to the brand or product itself.

3. Creation is messy. It's always wrong until it isn't.

4. Form narrates for function.

5. The little things count in large amounts.

6. Never underestimate the power of spectacle.

7. A good visual vocabulary is essential.


The above list is something we at Mindprizm Studio call the Manifest Manifesto. Some of the items have full-length blog articles to give further context including campfire stories, so feel free to click through! Over time, we'll get to all of them. You have our word.


More Backstory…

For those who have read this far and are hungry for even more Mindprizm Studio history, we aim to please. It all began on a Wednesday—just kidding—everyone knows the work week starts on a Monday and so does this story. The reason our story begins thusly is very simple: Michael Dockery, our founder and Creative Director had finished up the previous week at his previous job and Monday was the beginning of full-time occupational investment in building something new and exciting from the ground up.

This had always been a dream of Michael's who, as an apprentice of the Conan the Barbarian School of Business, believed attempting to "become a king by his own hand" was not only a great way of bringing his approach to the creative process before even more client partners, but also would allow him to build a team of superpowered superfriends to tackle even more exciting ventures longer-term.

Michael, over the course of the previous 13 years, had worked his way through the ranks of a locally prominant advertising agency achieving the status of Creative Director and spearheading many projects and brand campaigns that he was terribly proud of. Not being terribly interested in idle time, he concurrently cofounded MetaMythic, an internationally award-winning company that pioneered the Applied Fiction method learning whereby complex training subject matter becomes more engaging, understandable, and memorable through the addition of a designed story arc.

It was during this time, that he developed and refined his creative approach and the seed of a dream business was planted. Originally, he'd planned to call the organization the School for Gifted Youngsters, unfortunately that name had been taken some years before by a very well known superhero franchise.

So he leaned into the moniker he'd developed years before: Mindprizm! An active title that captures the essence of the strategic creative process whereby Insight, Information and Background is processed through the left side of the mind and refracted through the right side as on-point Creative Output.

In case this is still unclear to you, we've created a diagram that totally wasn't inspired by anything else to help illustrate the point:
Dark Side of the Mind Diagram

Diagram B: The Dark Side of the Mind(prizm)

The rest, as they say, is history or prophecy depending how you look at it. Now we’re more than he: Mindprizm Studio, a force of creative nature. We like 80s movies, music with synthesizers, Tales from the Crypt comic books, Springfield-style Cashew Chicken and leather jackets on crisp autumn days. We like tiki cocktails served out of skulls, tiki drinks served out of coconuts, tiki cocktails served with other tiki drinks. Okay, we just really really like tiki drinks and anything aged in rum barrels. We think big, dig deep and then get granular because craftsmanship matters. We love working with client partners who are ready to shake things up and get a little supernatural with us. Is that you?

Mindprizm Self Portrait

Diagram A: Our Founder