Pocket Coach App

for FiTbyPhase

FiTbyPhase are a group of physical trainers that develop targeted exercises and nutrition for individuals interested in achieving fitness goals. They do this through taking people through a unique blend of increasingly more challenging workout routines based upon skill level which they call Phases, an ever-growing library of recipes, and connection to an active community that encourages each other toward greatness.


Visual Direction

Pocket Coach Fitness App

The experience begins with a dynamic background that pulls its hue gradient based upon the user’s time of day. This would give the app an essential sense of newness with every use and was based upon the insight that a typical user would interact with it multiple times throughout the day for nutrition in addition to exercise.

Pocket Coach Fitness App

Because we wanted Pocket Coach to become a more of a companion than a mere tool, we threaded personality throughout every response the app gives the user. To further engage this feeling of conversation with the app, we structured the UI so that all of Pocket Coaches’ questions and responses write out at the top of the screen, while the users’ interaction remain toward the bottom.


We wanted every step in the process to feel as interactive and personal as possible even down to choosing a program goal. These goal illustrations will be upgraded into full-blown walk and idle cycle animations in an upcoming app update.

Pocket Coach Fitness App

Since Phases might be a foreign concept to some new users, we built simple educational interactions into the first-time experience.


All of these elements come together in the user’s home screen, the single place they’ll be spending the majority of their time. To that end, we made the workspace as flexible as possible through collapsable menus and fly-away subsections allowing the user to easily see the job to be done without the need of scrolling or getting lost in details until they’re ready.

“We came to Mindprizm with a need to improve our app and an idea of how to achieve that. What he has and continues to provide us is groundbreaking and innovative design, creativity, and experience exceeding all expectations.

He listened to our problems, our needs, and our dreams and developed a vision and design that fits who we are as a company AND what we want to become.”
-Chad and Maria, FiTbyPhase