Help Create a Match in Rum-Soaked Heaven

I'll Have a Starboard & Port

Simply save the image above and post it to Instagram. Be sure mention @thegoldengirlrumclub in your post and tell em why you want to see a Starboard & Port on their menu.

(yes, we know a Port and Starboard is already a bartender recipe, but it’s kinda lame and certainly doesn’t live up to S&P. Golden Girl can create something waaaaaay more amazing).

Having trouble writing the post? Here’s a starter for you:

Dear @thegoldengirlrumclub I love your menu, your vibe, your everything. But something’s missing. Why don’t @starboardandport have a drink dedicated to them? The next time I come in, I’d love to be able to say #illhavethestarboardandport


(add whatever # you wish to the bottom)